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Finnish Education Structure and Some Features and Qualities of Finnish Basic Education

Senior Lecturer, Class Teacher Eija-Liisa Sokka-Meaney


17:00 - 18:00

Eija Liisa Sokka-Meaney

Senior Lecturer, Class teacher

University Teacher Training School at Joensuu

University of Eastern Finland

Finnish education structure and some features and qualities  of Finnish basic education

My presentation will describe the structure of Finnish education as well as teacher training and teaching practice and how we aim to combine theory and practice in the students’ teaching practice at University Teacher Training School.

I shall also deal with some aspects of comprehensive education especially primary education. Skills and arts subjects, visual arts, music, physical education and craft education have traditionally had an important role in Finnish schools. This is manifested in the weekly lesson hours of comprehensive education and I shall show some examples of that especially textile crafts and its applications in primary education. Also some examples of pedagogical solutions will be discussed e.g. some structural solutions suitable for classrooms in small schools in sparsely populated areas in Finland and some pedagogical projects like "A big friend - small friend" projects or arts projects.

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